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 One way to become software outsourcing services is begin remote development in Russia. Software outsourcing company Media-Art gives you reliable solutions at moderate prices

Remote development in Russia is growing year in year out. The reasons are as follows: high reliability, growing project management skills, software outsourcing. Main activity points of our software outsourcing company are:

1. Professional web site design, web site development:
- business web site solutions: development small business web sites, web site design for large business
- business to business web sites
- professional database driven web site design and programming
- ecommerce web site solutions
- corporate intranet portal development
- online casino software
- web database development
- multimedia web design

2. Custom software development:
- database development services
- software for forworkflow automation
- software for statistical analysis and modeling
- production process automatization
- software interface for hardware devices

3. Multimedia presentations, 3d animation
- multimedia design: multimedia business card, presentation development, CD presentation development
- 3d web graphic
- 3d animated computer graphic design and programming
- animated banner creation


Design: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Macromedia Flash, 3DMax
Internet Technologies: HTML/DHTML, XML, WAP, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP4/5
Programming Languages: Delphi, C/C++, C#
Programming Technologies: .NET Framework
Databases: MySQL, SAPDB/MaxDB, MS Access, MS SQL Server
OS/Platforms: FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Windows Mobile, Symbian
Application and Web Servers: Apache, Microsoft IIS
UML Modeling Tools: Sparx EA
Testing Tools: ApacheBench, Siege, APD
Project Management Tools: customized eGroupWare

Our advantages:

High reliability. We use the services of best specialists from south Russian universities.

Prices. Utilization of a ready-made component library increases reliability of our solutions and reduces development costs. Prices per hour:
- Senior Architect - $25
- Senior Developer - $20
- Senior QA Engineer - $20
- Project Manager - $15
- Lead Designer - $15
- Designer - $12
- Lead Developer - $15
- Developer - $12
- Lead QA Engineer - $15
- QA Engineer - $12
- Tecnical Writer - $12

Skilled project management. Our intranet system solution allows our managers to redistribute work between our developers quickly and effectively and to watch the time spent for every task fulfillment. This ensures just in time projects accomplishing. Our clients have access to the current web projects and are able to see all the changes in real time.

Project phases:
- Project requirements capture
- Functional specifications
- Architecture specifications (CASE tools)
- Development (including QA efforts)
- Testing
- - Automated debugging
- - Automated performance testing
- - Manual use case testing
- - Manual compatibility testing
- System documentation (developer, admin, users)
- Free Guarantee period
- Support

Process: XP, RUP.

Wide range of services. Including consulting, system analysis, system architecture, design, development, quality assurance, promotion and maintenance.

High degree of confidentiality. Our employees agreement protects our customers interests.

Industry knowledge: Hi Tech, Telecommunications, Retail, Gambling, Financial Services and Banking

We provide complex solution for our customers.

Our goal is cost effective and qualitative solutions development. We consider our project successful only if our client has a return from our solution.

Media-Art LTD was established in May 1999. Our team consists of project managers, designers, programmers, web programmers, support managers - on the whole 12 specialists. We are a middle sized company located in south district of Russia. Our district has many scientific centers but quite low labour costs. These facts and skilled project management allow us to make complex individual solutions for moderate prices.

Media-Art company is member of National Software Development Alliance SiliconTaiga

So our software outsourcing company is good way for low cost software outsourcing. Remote development in Russia is high quality solutions along with moderate prices.

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